I used the Micro-Z for a very painful acute leg injury that clearly tore the muscle off my bone. Heather introduced me to the system and I started using it ... continue reading
My name is Ralph Sarlay. I am a USMC Vietnam Vet. I have diabetes among other things. With type 2 diabetics I was having neuropathy pain any time day or ... continue reading
It was just a case of lifting too much. I hoped the discomfort would be temporary, but it wasn’t. I tried OxyContin to manage the pain, but hated the way ... continue reading

To The Veterans of the United States of America: Thank you for the cost you paid for our freedom, thank you for the freedom to live in safety and pursue happiness.

If you are suffering from Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia or Depression, we are here to Help!

We offer Effective, Simple to use Modalities AND Clinical Support. We treat all types of Chronic & Acute pain such as:

• Neuropathy
• Foot Pain
• Hand Pain
• Back Pain
• Joint Pain
• Migraine Headaches
• Soft Tissue Pain
• Other Pain Conditions

If you are a patient within the VA healthcare system, there is NO COST TO YOU for our products and clinical support if you are a Veteran with VA benefits.

We are staffed with Nurses and Physical Therapists to provide you with the product support you need.

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