Cervella Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator

Sophia R

I love my Cervella. I no longer have to take medication to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. One treatment everyday for 30 mins helped me conqueror my insomnia. I am finally free from the side effects and inconvenience of medication. I have no issues using the device on my train commute home from work each afternoon. I blend right in with everyone else wearing headphones and listening to music.

Gregory H

I’ve been using Cervella for six weeks. It has become an essential part of my day and my treatment as it has greatly relieved my anxiety. If I notice I am becoming anxious during the day, I put the headphones on, turn on the Cervella device, listen to music or just leave it silent for 30 minutes, and my anxiety dissipates. This is very important to me because when this anxiety comes on, I no longer need to take medication to relieve the anxiety. Cervella resolves the anxiety and I can continue on productively in my day. Cervella has greatly improved my quality of life. I highly recommend Cervella.

Mitch S.

Over the past few years, due to hormonal changes, I have started struggling with my sleep p

The first night I used the Cervella, it was amazing. I only laid in bed for about 20 minutes, when all of a sudden, it was like Ambien- or general anesthesia. I very suddenly felt sleepy, then out I went!

I Slept so well! I felt incredible the next day!

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Over the past few years, due to hormonal changes, I have started struggling with my sleep patterns. I could go to sleep easily using Meletonin but would invariably wake up at 3am and not be able to go back to sleep for another hour or so. My alarm would go off for work at 6am and I would be exhausted because of my interrupted sleep. Since starting Cervella, all of this has changed. Now, I occasionally wake up during the night but I am able to quickly return to sleep. When my alarm wakes me at 6, I am refreshed and ready to go. Thank you!
Cervella treatments are soothing and have become less tingly with use. My focus and concentration has greatly improved. It helps further my drug treatment, due to medication sensitivity. Also, superceded and eliminated my daily need and cost of natural medicine for the anxiety.
I have treatment resistant major depression which I treat with medication and I have had reasonable success. Adding the Cervella device to my daily routine has enhanced my well being allowing me to avoid increasing the dosage of my meds. Cervella is a valuable tool for me and I will use it daily to supplement my treatment.
I have been using Cervella for about three months now. I started using it to help manage my anxiety and sleep issues. Shipping was very quick and the device arrived in a couple days. I had a little trouble setting it up, but a quick call to the technical team solved my issues. My anxiety started to get under control in about two weeks of consistent use (everyday). I especially like that I can receive treatments out in public, at work, or anywhere else my anxiety is often high.
I am a family practitioner who has provided the Cervella device to a number of people with insomnia from various causes. The treatments have been working wonders for the insomnia, and folks have been telling me their anxiety and depression are also lifting, often after the first or second treatments. It has truly been amazing to see how well this is working for all three conditions, and I have been checking back regularly with everyone to make sure things are going well. No problems so far. Obviously people who have chronic sociological causes for their problems do not have the kind of remarkable resolution noted by those whose diagnoses are due to more acute and identifiable causes, but they are still improved. Excellent product.

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