Micro-Z Stimulation Garment System

Ralph Sarlay

My name is Ralph Sarlay. I am a USMC Vietnam Vet. I have diabetes among other things. With type 2 diabetics I was having neuropathy pain any time day or night. I am under the care of the VA gladly they provided me with the Micro-Z sock stimulation system. I have been wearing them since July 24, 2015. They work 100%. I do NOT get neuropathy pain anymore. I now get a full night’s sleep with no more 2:00 am hot needles pain in my feet. NO pain all day.

I wear my Micro-Z stimulating socks for 8 hours every night. Clover Medical Solutions have given me exceptional customer service and support. With NO neuropathy pain, I can go places and do things with no fear. Thank you Clover Medical!

Freddie Warren

Just wanted to let you company know that I have been using the Micro Z unit along with the glove and sleeve for the last 3 months. What I have experienced with this therapy is a complete miracle to me! Compared to everything else like pain management and all the medication, what I am feeling now is total relief and a true miracle.

I have 3rd degree burns on my right arm, which the spray has to penetrate through to get to the pain. It does within seconds which relieves that sensation of pain I have. This also helps me so much especially when I’m trying to sleep. I use the therapy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The pain before starting this therapy was easily a 10, on a scale of 1-10. Nonstop sharp pain!
I am truly fortunate to have found something that actually works and I thank you so much.

Nikki Fox

This has really made a difference for me!
I have a degenerative disc in my neck which causes pain in my neck, shoulder, and back. I have tried physical therapy, chiropractic, anything to lessen the pain. About eight months ago, I found Clover Medical Solutions. Now, much of my discomfort is gone. And unlike physical therapy, the relief lasts. The Micro-Z really made a difference in my life!

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I just wanted to let your company know that I have been using the Micro Z unit with stockings for the last year and a couple of months. What I have experienced with this therapy is Amazing! I have been in a wheelchair for the past 9 years, and just this past 4 months I have been able to finally get around without it. I have RSD in both feet. My ankles and feet were terribly swollen and I had to buy larger shoes than what I normally wear. Since wearing the socks, the swelling is gone/ the therapy is self contained and very easy to use. The clinician (Paige Mutual) is very informative and I felt extremely comfortable with her. I recommend this product to everyone! I thank you for all you have done for me.
I just made a fist with my left hand! Doesn’t sound like much, does it? I had not been able to do that since January of 2013. I could only wave my hand straight up in the air as if I was waving like the Queen of England. Now my fingers can bend to the middle of my hand.

I had a fall and broke my wrist in three places. I was in a cast for ten weeks. When I started occupational therapy, my hand was slightly curved and completely swollen. It hurt to be touched. When the therapist started working on my hand, you could hear my screams of pain all the down the hall. One of the other patients was a minister. He came over and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “it is going to be all right”. At the time, I wanted to hit him but he had just lost a leg and I know he was just trying to comfort me.

The next time that I returned to the hospital for therapy, the check-in clerk asked me, “you mean you came back?” I told him that I wanted to get better and will make it through this, tears and all. My therapist took me across the hall and consulted with a hand specialist. The hand specialist told her that my hand looked like I had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). I had to go through a series of painful testing to find out that her diagnosis was correct. Not is is called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), but all of the symptoms are the same.

My therapist worked with me for hours three times a week. One day she attended this class and came back so joyful that she almost burst into tears trying to get the news to me. She said she had something that may help me. I told her that I would try anything to relieve the pain. I was introduced to Chris Neubecker, Corporate Trainer for Clover Medical Solutions. He pulled out a glove, and armband, some spray and a toy looking thing that had leads on it. I thought they were going to try to electrocute me now. We could barely get the glove on because of the swelling in my hand. I asked if I should have a larger size and was told that the size is correct. I had to take pain medicine to get the glove on but the treatment always made me feel better.

My glove traveled where I traveled. I can remember sitting on the balcony of my cabin when I went on my birthday cruise in September 2013. I did not leave home without it. I would watch the water while the glove did the healing. The glove had become my best friend. I could feel the results. I could SEE the results. I was so excited to tell my therapist, “look at the wrinkles on my fingers!” One guy in the room wanted to know why I was happy about getting wrinkles. I told him that my fingers had been swollen so long that I had no wrinkles or lines on them. Now they were back.

When I chopped vegetables for the first time in a year, I had to write a letter to the Supervisor of my therapist. To my surprise, the letter went all the way to the head of the hospital. That was also the first time I could use both of my hands to type a letter. I have come a long way from not even being able to hold a fork in my hand to help cut up meat.

I know I have referred to the “glove” a lot but I should mention the correct name of the system that helped me so much. It is the Micro Z Mini. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It has helped me get my life back together. I had to wear pull-up clothes for a while because I could not fasten buttons. There are so many things in my life that changed when I did not have the use of my left hand. With the help of the Micro Z Mini, I am getting my life together again.
On November 6th, 2015 I received the Micro Z unit. Before I was in sharp, achy, constant stabbing pain for over 20 years. The pain was in my back, shoulder and knees. I hardly slept due to the severe muscle spasms and pain. On a pain scale I was a 10 the worst in all areas. I could not function very well. I have been on pain medications and have tried physical and occupational therapies with little success.

I wear the back wrap for 8 hours a night and in just a few weeks my pain has gone from 10 being the worst to a 0, no pain and no spasms at all. With the electrodes for my shoulders I wear those 30 minutes twice a day. My pain has gone down from a 10 to a 6. My knees sleeves I do the same twice a day for 30 minutes and the pain is down to a 7. I am increasing the time on my shoulder and knees to drop the pain even more. I keep in contact with the clinical educator and any questions I have are answered.

I have stopped taking all pain medication. I only take over the counter Tylenol as needed. It is truly a different world for me. I have such a better quality of life now. I am a wife and a mother who now can enjoy going out in the community with the family. The see the improvement and love the fact that mom is getting better. I am so happy I have found something that works for me. I am happy to be part of the Micro Z family. All I can say is don’t give up, give it time and do it right.
It’s an amazing tool for people who have neuropathy pain and discomfort. I received the Micro Z unit and stocking back in July and wore every day for at least 6 hours a night. My pain was around 7-9 on the pain scale, sometimes a 10 with that being the worst. I could hardly sleep, the throbbing would drive me up the wall. Now I only wear maybe once or twice a week. When I am more active I will wear more often. I was able to cut back on medications I took as well. The pain has dropped down to a 2-3. You have my approval 100%. It is great technology.
Since I started using the Micro Z stocking on December 16th, 2011 my pain level has gone from an 8 to a 2 and at times no pain. I was using the stocking every day when I first started, but now I am only using the stocking a couple of nights a week. I do use the stockings more often when I am sitting. The stocking has improved my quality of life pertaining to neuropathy. I do sleep and walk much better with less leg pain. I also have cut my medication (gabapentin) in half. I would recommend the Micro Z/Stocking to anyone who has leg neuropathy.
It was just a case of lifting too much. I hoped the discomfort would be temporary, but it wasn’t. I tried OxyContin to manage the pain, but hated the way it made me feel. Then I tried injections. Even getting six of them didn’t do much. My neighbor told me about the Micro-Z device and kept saying, ‘Try it. Try it,” so, finally, I did. It was terrific!

It has been an amazing help. It eases the pain, and I would much rather use it than take pills. Sometimes, I even wear it to bed at night. I just set it at full throttle—that’s the level that works best for me—and it automatically turns off after 20 minutes. My son just had an operation on his knee, and now he uses it, too, and adjusts it for his comfort. I’m very happy with the results. It works really well for both of us.
I used the Micro-Z for a very painful acute leg injury that clearly tore the muscle off my bone. Heather introduced me to the system and I started using it right away.

I have played sports all my life and have tried many treatments in the past for injuries. I firmly believe that using the Micro-Z system for 8 hours at night really helped me with my recovery. The treatment really controlled my pain and as a bonus I also noticed that the significant bruising in my leg went away very quickly.

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