“I am an Air Force Veteran, and my feet were burning so bad that I thought I would lose them. The pain felt like needles going up and down my feet. I couldn’t walk more than 20 feet or drive because the pain in my feet and legs were so bad. I also had a very hard time sleeping. I have had this pain for almost 15 years from diabetic neuropathy.

Then one day when I went to see my Podiatrist at the VA, she said she may have something that could help me. The first night when I put them on, I couldn’t feel anything coming from the socks so I thought it was a joke. But the next morning when my pain was much better, I realized these really work. 

I have been wearing the Micro-Z and silver stockings for almost 2 weeks now and my pain is at a ZERO. It was a TEN (10). Almost all the numbness in my feet and legs are gone except for one spot on the bottom of my foot.

I feel like I can run now. I hardly use my walker anymore and I can drive again.

I also sleep much better, and my wife told me I am not the grumpy old man I used to be. Jesus is on my side, and I got my feet back.” John Gerstner

John Gerstner